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(OLD STYLE) Laguna UV Parts



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(OLD STYLE) Laguna UV Parts

Laguna UV Parts
PARTS FOR PT-520 and PT-522
Description Price
8 watt bulb PT-521 for PT-520 $27.99
16 watt bulb PT-523 for PT-522 $37.99
Quartz Sleeve PT-525 for PT-520 and PT-522 $31.99
O-Ring PT-526 for PT-520 and PT-522 $3.99
Compression O-Ring PT-527 for PT-520 and PT-522 $5.99
PARTS FOR PT-1650, PT-1655, PT-1660 and PT-1665
8 watt bulb PT-1653 for PT-1650 $29.99
25 watt bulb PT-1658 for PT-1655 $59.99
55 watt bulb PT-1663 for PT-1660 $89.99
8 watt Quartz Sleeve PT-1652 for PT-1650 $24.99
25 watt Quartz Sleeve PT-1657 for PT-1655 $39.99
55 watt Quartz Sleeve PT-1662 for PT-1660 $89.99
Seal Pack PT-1665 for PT-1650 $17.99
Seal Pack PT-1666 for PT-1655 and PT-1660 $18.99
UV Sterilizer Mounting Bracket PT-1667 $4.99
UV Sterilizer Screw Pack PT-1668 $9.99
Seal Ring for Main Case Open End PT-528 $6.99
Seal Ring for Main Case Closed End PT-529 $6.99

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