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Algae Off


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Algae Off


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Crystal Clear Algae Off

Algae-Off is a granular Algaecide that immediately removes algae on contact. This product is great for removing surface algae and unpleasant oders while adding oxygen to the water. It's active ingredient is Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate which contains hydrogen Dioxide. Because this is oxygen Powered, it is safe for fish and animals in recommended dosages. 1 cup treats 200 sq. ft. EPA registered.

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Note: This product does NOT get rid of green water. This product is intended for direct use on algae that is forming on a waterfall. It is not intended to kill surface algae (ie hair algae or blanket weed) that is growing  in the pond itself. In other words, don't add this to the pond water.

Item Model Number Size SHIPPING Price
Algae Off CC074-1 1 lb Powder  


Algae Off CC074-2 2.5 lb. Powder

Algae Off CC074-10 10 lb. Powder FREE


Algae Off CC074-25 25 lb. Powder FREE $99.99

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