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Alita Air Pumps



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Alita Air Pumps


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Alita Air Pumps

Designed to deliver high volume of steady airflow at low-pressure ranges, ALITA Linear Air Pumps are of high efficiency, low energy consumption and perform with low operation noise. With no sliding parts and oil-less components, ALITA air pump requires no lubrication and transfer air without any contamination.

NOTE: All Alita products that are shipping to the state of California will be charged a sales tax.

Model Name Application Liters Per Minute Watts Sound Level Warranty Shipping SPECIAL  
Alita Al-6A External Air Pump 11 Liters 13W 27dB 3 Years FREE $115.45
Alita Al-15A External Air Pump 20 Liters 26W 29dB 3 Years FREE $119.65
Alita Al-40 External Air Pump 48 Liters 46W 36dB 3 Years FREE $154.95
Alita Al-60 External Air Pump 68 Liters 60W 38dB 3 Years FREE $185.95
Alita Al-80 External Air Pump 85 Liters 85W 39dB 3 Years FREE $245.95
Alita Al-100 External Air Pump 100 Liters 120W 41dB 3 Years FREE $349.95
Alita Al-120 External Air Pump 120 Liters 155W 42dB 3 Years FREE $419.95
Alita Al-150 External Air Pump 150 Liters 175W 44dB 3 Years FREE $569.95
Alita Al-200 External Air Pump 200 Liters 261W 45dB 3 Years FREE $649.95
Alita Al-400 External Air Pump 435 Liters 509W 49dB 3 Years FREE $1,345.00

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