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Aquascape Natural Pond Tint



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Aquascape Natural Pond Tint

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Aquascape Natural Pond Tint is a completely non toxic dye with added humic and tanic acids derived from natural organic compounds found in nature. These compounds will safely help keep pond water clean, clear and cool. Ideal for use in the spring, when pond plants have not started growing and shading water from sunlight or summer, when water temperatures start to rise. Also helps reduce fish stress in spring when fish have no place to hide from sun and predators. Added enzymes help breakdown unwanted debris and sludge left after spring cleaning. Aquascape Natural Pond Tint is safe and will not harm people, fish, plants, birds or animals that may drink from the pond


Item Aquascape Natural Pond Tint Aquascape PRO Natural Pond Tint
Model Number 98884 30411
Size 8.5 oz 1 Gallon
Dosage 1 pump treats 100 gal 1 cup treats approximately 6,000 ga
Treats 5,000 Gallons 100,000 Gallons




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