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Aquascape RainXchange Rain Barrel



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Aquascape RainXchange Rain Barrel


With more municipalities enforcing watering restrictions upon homeowners, rain barrels are gaining popularity at a rapid rate. Gone are the days of consumers having to rig their own barrel to capture the rain. While makeshift barrels are still an option, decorative rain barrels are springing up in garden centers everywhere.

RainXchange Rain Barrel offers an introductory option for consumers looking to get started with rainwater harvesting. Durable, plastic walls withstand extreme weather conditions and a 5-year warranty is included. A brass spigot can accept a garden hose for ease in irrigation. The childproof lockable lid has a screened gutter inlet and can be used as a planter to help naturalize the barrel into the landscape. The attractive design is an aesthetic option for stormwater management over traditional rain barrels that tend to be an eyesore in the landscape.

The majority of rain barrels capture about 50 gallons of rain, but Aquascape's new RainXchange Rain Barrel holds 75 gallons of harvested rain before filling up. And in the event the barrel fills completely, a handy, internal overflow system has been incorporated to direct water away from the house during heavy rainfalls.

- Brass spigot for garden hose
- Childproof lockable lid
- Screened gutter inlet
- Brass spigot for garden hose


Item Aquascape RainXchange Rain Barrel Aquascape RainXchange Rain Barrel
Color Sandstone Terra Cotta
Size 29" diameter x 40" height 29" diameter x 40" height
Capacity 75 Gallons 75 Gallons
Unit Weight 30 lbs 30 lbs
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years
Shipping FREE FREE
Price $215.98 $215.98

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