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Aquascape Small Pond Kits



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Aquascape Small Pond Kits


Aquascape Small Pond Kits

The Aquascape Small Pond Kits is great for beginners. This kit includes everything to get your pond started including a a skimmer, waterfalls, liner and pump. With this kit you will have everything you will need to add a small decorative pond in your yard.

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Item Aquascape Small 8 x 11 Pond Kit
Model Number 53033
Pond Size 180 sq ft.
AquaSurge 3000 Pump
Model Number - 91018
Max. Flow - 3196 G.P.H.
Max. Head - 14.76 ft.
Outlet Diameter - 3/4" - 1" - 1.25" - 1.50" - 2"
Watts - 165W
Cord Length - 20'
BioFalls 1000 Filter with Rock Tray and BioBalls
Max. Flow Rate - 3,000 G.P.H.
Falls Weir - 15"
Dimensions (L X W X H) - 17.5" x 20.5" x 17"
Signature Series 400 Pond Skimmer
Max. Flow Rate - 4,000 G.P.H.
Intake Weir - 6"
Dimensions (L X W X H) - 21.5" x 18" x 21"
Pond Liner 12' x 15'
Treatment System Automatic Water Treatment Dosing System for Ponds

Miscellaneous Plumbing Supplies

25' of 1 1/2" kink-free hose Pump Plumbing Assembly and Installation Kit
Shipping FREE
SPECIAL $1409.43

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