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Atlantic Big Bahama Waterfalls



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Atlantic Big Bahama Waterfalls

Atlantic Big Bahama Waterfalls


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Atlantic Big Bahama Waterfalls

The Atlantic PRO SERIES Big Bahama FilterFalls have all the attributes that make large-scale professional installations easy and successful. These units have many features, the 2600 includes a sturdy removable top grate which can support natural rock or plants (1800 does NOT include top grate!). It also comes with Dual Bio-Tech filter mats for mechanical and biological filtration and a media bag for added filtration if you like. Each Atlantic Big Bahama FilterFall comes with either 2" or 3" FIPT bulkhead for high water flow volumes and a liner flang system allowing an easy and leak-free attachment to the pond liner. These are serious biofalls for the serious ponder!

Model Name Filter Falls 1900 Filter Falls 2600 Filter Falls 3800
Model Name BF1900 BF2600 BF3800
Application Pond Biofalls Pond Biofalls Pond Biofalls
Max. Flow Rate 4,000 G.P.H. 6,000 G.P.H. 10,000 G.P.H.
Falls Weir 19" 26" 38"
(W X D X H)
28" x 25" x 21.5" 31" x 28" x 18" 41" x 28" x 18"
Inlet 2" Threaded 2" Threaded 3" Threaded
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
SPECIAL $339.99 $409.99 $659.99

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