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Atlantic Color Changing Lights



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Atlantic Color Changing Lights

Atlantic Color Changing Lights

For those looking to bring more than just a warming glow to your evening, Atlantic's all new Color Changing SOL LEDs are the solution. Just like our popular Color Changing Colorfalls, these LEDs create a vibrant nighttime atmosphere with 48 different colors and 16 different color changing combinations. Multiple LEDs can be connected to be run through one transformer and be
controlled together, all by remote!

NOTE: Color Changing Lights require Color Changing Control Module in order to use

Item Compact Color Changing Spotlight Color Changing Spotlight Color Changing Ring
Input Voltage 12 Volt DC 12 Volt DC 12 Volt DC
Watts 1 - 2.5 variable 3 - 7.5 variable 2 - 6 variable
Price $94.99 $129.99 $129.99
Item Color Changing Control Module
Model Number SOLCCMX3
Input Voltage 12 Volt AC
Output Voltage 12 Volt DC / 6 Wire
Includes 24 watt transformer, 3-way splitter, control module and remote control
Price $119.99
Item Price  
20' 6-wire Extension Cord - SOLCCEXT $24.99

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