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Atlantic LED Pond Light



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Atlantic LED Pond Light


Atlantic LED Pond Light'

Atlantic Submersible LED Pond Lights are a great way to add a lighting effect to a water garden feature. Both the single light kit and the 3 pack come with a photocell and a ground stake. The photocell monitors between day and night and automatically turns on the LED lights when it is dark outside. Each Light is equipped with 12 individual LED's, which adds a great light effect at a low wattage.

Item Atlantic SINGLE LED Pond Light Atlantic 3 PACK LED Pond Light
Model Number AWGLED1 AWGLED3
Application Submersible Lights Submersible Lights
Lights 1 Light Unit 3 Light Units
Lens Type 4 Color Types 4 Color Types
Power Cord 22' 22'
Transformer 12 V - 1.6 Watt 12 V - 4.8 Watt
Shipping FREE FREE
SPECIAL $34.99 $69.99

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