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Calpump Transformer with Timer



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Calpump Transformer with Timer

These transformers are UL listed for outdoor use. The 24 hour a day digital timer is more convenient then the dial and clip type. Terminal Strip 12 Volt line connections accommodate any bare wire or "Y" connector application.

This unit should be connected to a UL listed Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. Ground shielded for use with underwater lights.

Can be used with up to (3) 20 Watt Lights or (7) 10 Watt Lights or any combination not to exceed maximum wattage. Also works with Landscape Lighting
Product Description:
  • Works with most outdoor lighting
  • Ground shielded for submersible lighting
  • UL Listed
  • Digital Timer
  • 1 Year limited manufacturer's warranty


  • Not for use with the Calpump/Little Giant LED Mini Egglites
  • Best used for short runs of less than 30 ft
Item Model Number Price  
Calpump 75 Watt transformer with Timer TRT75 $46.87

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