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Carbon Infused Media Pad



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Carbon Infused Media Pad

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Carbon Infused Media Pad
  • Improves and maintains fish health
  • Improves water quality
  • Reduces water discoloration
  • Thick Rigid Design:
    • Creates tighter fit
    • Holds shape longer
    • Decreases water pass-through
    • Extends life of pad
  • Effectively removes all organic particles, foreign debris, excess food and waste
  • Can be cut to fit: Hang-on Filters, Canister filters, Top Filters, Internal Filters, Wet/Dry Filters, and any other pond filtration unit
Item Carbon Infused Media Pad
Model Number 2505
(Length x Width x Thickness)
18" x 10" x .5"
Price $8.99
Item (3 Pack) Carbon Infused Media Pad
Special $22.90
($7.64 Each)

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