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Droll Yankees Accessories



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Droll Yankees Accessories

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Droll Yankees
Item # Description Shipping Price
NGT Nectar Guard Tips
Prevents bees and flying insects from reaching the nectar. Works on all DY hummingbird feeders and some other brands.
Habitat Helpers
Item # Description Shipping Price
ADPT Pole Adapter
Screws into feeder base. Stem slides into 1" Garden Pole. Easy to remove for refilling.
BHM Bird House Mount
Black powder coated flange attaches to the base of a nest box or wooden platform feeder with included screws.
CC1 Complete Clamp
For superior support in securing GS, UN, WD, and SHK-12 to a Garden Pole.
DAM Double Arm Mount and Hanger
Adds another 16in arm with locking hook to the Adjustable Deck Clamp and Hanger (Model # DCH)
DCH Adjustable Deck Clamp and Hanger
This Deck Clamp fits any size flat deck rail. The 46in pole is adjustable within 40in. The 16in hanger arm has locking hook and 360? positioning.
FGP Flower Garden Pole
This 46in two section pole is perfect for hummingbird feeders in the garden. It is 1in in diameter and includes ADPT.
GS Giant Seed Tray and Squirrel Guard
This 18-1/2in diameter tray mounts on a pole and holds 1 lb. of seed. The Complete Clamp included.
UC Universal Cover
Is 14-3/4in diameter and mounts on the Garden Pole with collet.
RLS Squirrel Slinky
Prevents squirrels from climbing poles. 20" long, fits 1" diameter pole. Powder Coated Aluminum.
Suet Feeders
Item # Description Shipping Price
SL Suet Link, 2.5in
Screws into tube feeder base to hold suet or another feeder.
Essential Accessories
Item # Description Shipping Price
BC B-Tray Connector
Attaches a Universal Seed Tray (UN) to any DY Bird size Classic feeder.
LC18 18" Locking Chain
Heavy duty, holds feeders securely in place.
SHORT Shorty Hook
11?" long. Fits over 6" tree limbs for feeders, wind chimes and plants. Aluminum.
STDHK Standard Hook
28" long. Fits over 6" tree limbs for feeders, chimes or plants. Aluminum.
SKYHK Sky Hook
52" long. Fits over 6" tree limbs for feeders, chimes or plants. Aluminum.

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