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EasyPro Pump Pro-Tector


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EasyPro Pump Pro-Tector

EasyPro Pump Pro-Tector
These small pump cages protect your pond pump against plugging from leaves, algae and other debris by creating a large surface area around the pump therefore extending the life of your pond pump. They are designed to fit most brands of small pond and water garden pumps. Each Pump Protector has a polyester filter media filter pad inside of a nylon mesh bag with a drawstring top and push button release keep the top closed around the pump yet makes for easy pump removal.
Item EasyPro 8 inch Pump Pro-Tector EasyPro 12 inch Pump Pro-Tector
Model Number PP8 PP12
Diameter 8 in 12 in
Side Wall 1 in 2 in
Price $26.99 $34.99

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