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EasyPro Side Mount Filtration System


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EasyPro Side Mount Filtration System

EasyPro Side Mount Filtration System

The EasyPro pressurized beadfilter is Specifically designed for use with water gardens, koi ponds and hybrid ponds, EasyPro filters offer superior mechanical and biological filtration for clean, clear water. Beneficial bacteria colonize on the surface of the Ultimate Tube Media used in the EasyPro filters. These beneficial bacteria help break down fishtoxic ammonia and create a healthier environment for aquatic life. A properly sized and installed filter will provide excellent water quality for maximum pond enjoyment!

Ultimate Tube Media from EasyPro is a media with a very high biofilm surface that is many times greater than other plastic media. Superior bacterial adhesion and colonization is achieved due to the surface texture and grade of PVC used. Additionally, beneficial bacteria is able to build up into a bacterial matrix due to the excellent interstitial spacing with in the media. PVC Media has a very high biofilm surface. The Wagon wheel shape is very unique and affords a protective surface under back washing.


  • Fiberglass reinforced filters are super strong!
  • Can be buried up to control head, if desired, for easy concealment
  • Simple to assemble and set up
  • Easy back flush - uses seven position control head
  • Includes Ultimate Tube Media
  • Minimal back pressure - high flow rate media creates very little back pressure
  • Back flush waste line has clear section to easily monitor cleaning cycle
  • 3" inlet/outlet lines
  • Automated air blower upgrades available!

Note: Diameter measurement is tank only, control valve is not included. Higher flow rates are possible but filter effectiveness is reduced. Air Blower in image is sold seperately

Item Model Number Inlet / Outlet Pond Size Maximum Flow Rate

(dia x H)

Sips Via Shipping SPECIAL  
EasyPro 30000 Bead filter PBF300S 3" 30000 Gallons 225 gpm (13500gph) 36" x 40" Motor Freight FREE $3340.63
EasyPro 45000 Bead filter PBF450S 3" 45000 Gallons 225 gpm (13500gph) 42" x 46" Motor Freight FREE $4260.71
EasyPro 60000 Bead filter PBF600S 3" 60000 Gallons 225 gpm (13500gph) 48" x 52" Motor Freight FREE $5269.19
EasyPro Filter Accessories
  Item Model Number Compatible Filters Shipping SPECIAL  
Large Air Blower Backflush Assist Package for EasyPro Filtration systems ABK20 PBF300S, PBF450S, PBF600S FREE $469.99

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