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EasyPro Ultrasonic Repeller



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EasyPro Ultrasonic Repeller


The built-in motion sensor detects the animals entering the area and emits apiercing, high-decibel alarm the startles the pest and frightens it away. Since it is ultrasonic, you and your neighbors cannothear it.

" A powerful burst of ultrasonic sound startles the pest
" The pest(s) equate the location with an unpleasant experience
" The pest(s) avoid the area in the future
" Most effective ultrasonic deterrent since it activates only when the pest comes within range. This unpredictability for the pest, makes it more effective.
" Operates on six "C" cell batteries which provide up to 2,000 activations
" Adjustable frequency and detection area
" Includes mounting stake for ground use or can be hung on wall, posts, etc

Item EasyPro Ultrasonic Repeller
Model Number ULTR6
Infrared Sensing Angle 80 Degrees
Batteries required 6 - "C" cell Batteries
(Not Included)
Directional Protection Range 22 1/2 feet
Shipping FREE
Price $89.99
SPECIAL $69.43


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