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Firestone Quick Scrubber Plus Kit



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Firestone Quick Scrubber Plus Kit

QuickScrubber Plus primer application system consists of a scrub pad and holder that allows application of QuickPrime Plus from a standing position. The QuickScrubber Plus scrub pad is secured in place to the bottom of the holder and has a threaded fitting to accept an extension handle (handle not included).
One pad for the QuickScrubber Plus system is included with each kit.
The bottom-bearing surface of the QuickScrubber Plus holder is slightly concave. When proper pressure is applied, the handle flattens out assuring that proper pressure is maintained.

  • Each pad will prime about 100-200 ft. Long x 6"-7" Wide area.
  • Pads can not be turned over or re-used
  • Pads must be kept clean and dry prior to use
  • Will accept a standard broom/mop handle
Item Firestone Quick Scrubber Plus Kit
Kit Includes 4 Holders and 30 Replacement pads
SPECIAL $39.99

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