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Hikari CyroPro



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Hikari CyroPro

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Hikari CyroPro

Liquid CyroPro is a ready-to-use, liquid concentrate that was developed to offer the hobbyist an effective way to control conditions caused by anchor worm and fish lice in their pond, freshwater or marine aquarium. Extremely safe and super effective this revolutionary product offers you rapid control yet will not negatively impact your biological filtration. Send those undesirable visitors on their way, try Liquid CyroPro today!


  • Treats Conditions Caused By Anchor Worm
  • Treats Conditions Caused By Fish Lice
  • Contains Vitamin B12 To Speed Healing Of Damaged Areas
  • Replaces Damaged Or Missing Skin-Slime
  • Highly Effective
  • Extremely Safe
  • Won't Negatively Impact Biological Filtration
  • Non-toxic To Commonly Kept Aquarium Animals Or Plants.


Item Hikari CyroPro Hikari CyroPro
Model Number 73366 73368
Size 16 oz. 1 Gallon
Treats 5,000 Gallons 40,000 Gallons
Price $13.79 $78.29

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