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Hikari Sinking Wheat Germ



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Hikari Sinking Wheat Germ

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Easily Digested in Colder Water!

All of the benefits of Hikari WheatGerm, now is a sinking pellet.

Will Not Cloud The Water.
Contains Stabilized Vitamin C: Promotes resistance to stress; Promotes resistance to infectious disease; Promotes a long, healthy life.
Excellent Daily Diet: Superior basic nutrition; Natural enhancing capacity; Superior Growth Rates; Improved Brilliance and Luster To Skin; Can Be Used With Hi-Growth and Gold For Improved Performance.

Medium Pellets
Model Number
Hikari Wheat Germ Sinking Pellets 35342 17.6 oz.   $11.99
Hikari Wheat Germ Sinking Pellets 35382 11 lbs.  
Hikari Wheat Germ Sinking Pellets 35388 33 lbs. FREE

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