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Koi Kichi Parasite and Ich Treatment



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Koi Kichi Parasite and Ich Treatment

Where Quality is Our Passion, That's the Koi Kichi Way!

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Koi Kichi Parasite and Ich Treatment

Treats internal/external parasites including Ich, Costia, and Trichodenella. Treat immediately after noticing the first signs of a parasite problem on your pond fish. Common symptoms include: fish quickly rubbing or flashing against surfaces within the pond, and/or white spots that look like greains of salt or larger stuck to the surface of the fish.

How often: We recommend three doses per treatment, skipping one day between treatments. If possible, perform a 25% water change between treatments.

Hot to: Dilute liquid treatment in 1 gallon of pond water distributing evenly around the pond, or add to an area with good water circulation.

Please not: Shake before use. It is important to accurately dose any treatment, please take time to carefully calculate the water volume in your pond before adding this, or any other water treatment. Discontinue the use of of UV clarifiers/ sterilizers or chemical filtration including the use of carbon, zeolite, or ion exchange resins.
Water temperature should ne a minimum of 32 F or 0 C.

Item Size Treats Price  
Koi Kichi Parasite and Ich Treatment 8 oz. 2,500 Gallons $14.99

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