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Koi Kichi Pond Maintenance (SAB)



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Koi Kichi Pond Maintenance (SAB)

Where Quality is Our Passion, That's the Koi Kichi Way!

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Koi Kichi Pond Maintenance (SAB)

Pond Maintenance works as your consistent maintenance formula to stabilize your pond’s micro-nutrients and safely reduce debris on rocks, waterfalls, and streams. All natural ingredients enhance the function of your pond’s natural ecosystem. When used weekly this product will keep your water pristine and significantly reduce the amount of pond maintenance.

Directions: Add 1 ounce/30 ml (one scoop) per 500 gallons/1,900 L of pond water. Mix product into bucket with warm water and pour around the perimeter of the pond and in stream/waterfall areas to allow proper dispersion. Apply product once a week to maintain optimum water quality or as preventative maintenance.

Note: In ponds that are not adequately filtered, over stocked with fish, or if extremely poor water quality exists; treatment quantity can be safely tripled to 3 oz/90 ml (3 scoops) per 500 gallons/1,900 L until you have reached desired water quality.

For Optimal Results: Ensure water has a pH of 5.7-9.5; a minimum water temperature of 48°F/9°C.

How to calculate Gallons of Water in a POND: Length x Width x 80% x Avg. Depth x 7.48 = total gallons

How to calculate Gallons of Water in a STREAM: Length x Width x .25 (Depth) x 7.48) = Gallons in the stream

Item Size Treats Price  
Koi Kichi Pond Maintenance (SAB) 32 oz. 16,000 Gallons $33.99
Koi Kichi Pond Maintenance (SAB) 7 lbs. 56,000 Gallons $93.99

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