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Koi Sock Inspection Net



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Koi Sock Inspection Net

Koi Sock Inspection NetKoi Sock Inspection Net

The Koi Inspection Net is a great way to scoop your Koi out without harming their scales or removing the protective slime that coats the skin. This innovative net is specifically designed to transport Koi from one tank to another while holding water within it.

Model Name Small Koi Sock Inspection Net Medium Koi Sock Inspection Net Large Koi Sock Inspection Net
Model Number Koi-S1 Koi-S2 Koi-S3
(Dia x Length)
8" diameter x 36" 11" diameter x 42" 15" diameter x 48"
Handle Type/ Length Aluminum / 12 Inches Aluminum / 18 Inches Aluminum / 12 Inches
Price $59.99 $69.99 $79.99

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