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Laguna Pond Skimmer Parts


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Laguna Pond Skimmer Parts

Laguna Pond Skimmer Parts
  Item Shipping Price  
Laguna Rock Lid Cover for the High Efficiency Pond Skimmer
FREE $199.95
Laguna Filter Pad, Coarse, Black, 1.82" Thick - PT-1775   $32.99
Laguna Filter Pad, Medium, Blue, 1.18" Thick - PT-1776   $32.99
Laguna Plastic Locks (2 pack) - PT1791   $2.99
Laguna Skimmer Bulkhead PT-1793   $7.29
Laguna Skimmer Male Adaptor Nut PT-1794   $3.99
Laguna Drain Plug PT-1795   $2.99
Laguna Skimmer Female Adaptor PT-1796   $2.95
Laguna Filter Wool 5.3 oz. PT-1780   $5.99
Laguna Skimmer Large Leaf Basket PT-1789   $29.99
Laguna Skimmer Liner Mounting Screws PT-1799   $29.99
Laguna Bulkhead Plug PT-1802   $3.99
Laguna Skimmer Floating Door PT-1800   $19.99
Laguna Skimmer Float Cap PT-1804   $2.99
Laguna Skimmer Winterizing Rubber Door PT-1797   $59.99

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