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Matala UV Parts



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Matala UV Parts

Matala UV Parts
Item Model Number Shipping Price  
Matala 40 Watt Bulb TUV36T54P-SE   $57.00
Matala 75 Watt Bulb TUV36HOT54P-SE   $88.00
Matala 40W/74W/150W/300W Quartz Sleeve QS-L40/300W   $60.00
Matala 40W/74W/150W/300W O-Ring Set OR-L40/300W   $5.99
Matala 40 Watt Power Supply BL-L40W   $92.00
Matala 75 Watt Power Supply BL-L75W FREE $114.00
Matala 150 Watt Power Supply BL-L150W FREE $141.00

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