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Microbe-Lift HC (High Count)



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Microbe-Lift HC (High Count)


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Microbe-Lift HC (High Count)
Specially formulated for large earthen bottomed ponds. Keeps ponds clean and clear. Contains higher concentrations (HC) of beneficial bacteria than the PL products in order to deal with the massive amounts of organic material found in earthen bottomed ponds. Also contains photosynthetic bacteria which reduces cloudy water, plus Nitrifiers including both Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter species. Nontoxic, nonpathogenic. Safe for fish, plants, and household pets that may drink from the pond. Works well in both urban and rural ponds.
  • Contains free floating bacteria that require no filter media for attachment
  • Breaks down dead algae
  • Reduces buildup of waste from fish and waterfowl
  • Reduces ammonia nitrogen levels
  • Effective in cool water temperatures
  • Helps manage ammonia from fish overcrowding
  • Effective over a wide range of pH conditions.
  • Safe for fish, plants, and household pets that may drink from the pond
Model Name Microbe-Lift HC Microbe-Lift HC
  10HCG4 10HCX5G
Application High Count Liquid Bacteria High Count Liquid Bacteria
Size Gallon 5 Gallons
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