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Microbe-Lift Pondless Waterfall Kit



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Microbe-Lift Pondless Waterfall Kit

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Microbe-Lift Pondless Waterfall Kit

Microbe-Lift Pondless Waterfall Kit safely and effectivly breaks down unsightly debris, prvevents odor and deep cleans rocks in your pondless waterfall with Microbe-Lift Oxy Pond Cleaner and Microbe-Lift PL.

Microbe-Lift Oxy Pond Cleaner: Microbe-Lift Oxy Pond Cleaner uses oxygen power to break down unsightly debris. Oxy Pond Cleaner is especially helpful on streams and waterfalls. This product deep cleans planters and rocks and oxidizes and detoxifies to help prevent pond odors. This is a must for anyone with a pond!

Microbe-Lift PL: Microbe-Lift PL provides sustained biological activity in water temperatures even under 55 degrees. It helps to reduce ammonia and nitrogen levels and reduces animal waste buildup. PL will seed and maintain biological filters and will improve dissolved oxygen levels. It digests organic sludge, reduces unpleasant odors and breaks down both dead algae and uneaten fish food. 100% safe for humans, plants and wildlife. Microbe-Lift PL should be used in conjunction with other Microbe-Lift products in ponds with especially difficult water quality problems...or if an extremely high level of water clarity and cleanliness is required. PL is effective even: if your pH is high or low with or without sunlight if alkalinity is high or low if oxygen level is high or low Microbe-Lift PL is an extremely useful, versatile product and is sometimes used as a stand-alone maintenance solution for general pond health and water clarity.

Item Microbe-Lift Pondless Waterfall Kit
Size of Microbe-Lift 1 Quart
Size of Oxy Pond Cleaner 2 lb.
Price $32.99

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