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Microbe-Lift TheraP



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Microbe-Lift TheraP

Microbe-Lift TheraP

Microbe-Lift TheraP Biologically supports a healthy immune system and reduces environmental stress. TheraP improves dissolved oxygen levels and helps to digest organic droppings (fish fecal matter). Microbe-Lift TheraP promotes rapid fish growth and eliminates noxious odors, while increasing resistance to pathogens and parasites. This product aids in respiration and gas exchange and contains both Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria. TheraP oxidizes both ammonia and nitrites, also reduces nitrates. It is very beneficial when overpopulation exists, and immediately seeds and maintains biological filters. TheraP Biodegrades uneaten decomposed food (protein, starch, fats) and is compatible with all pond flora. This product is safe for all animals in and around the pond. A 32 oz. Bottle treats up to 20,000 gallons.

Model Name TheraP TheraP
Size Quart Gallon
Price $20.76  
SPECIAL   $71.96

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