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NET-IN-A-BOX 4 in 1

NET-IN-A-BOX is a great way to maintain your pond. This unit includes a fine round net for skimming leaves and debris from the pond. Also included with this kit is a course basket net to get bigger debris or catch fish from the pond. The last extension is a brush for scrubbing the sides and bottom of the pond. The variable extended pole makes this unit perfect for any occasion that you would need different lengths to scoop up debris.
Model Name NET-IN-A-BOX
Model Number NET411
Dimensions Of Fine Round Net 14" Diameter
Dimensions Of Course Square Net (L x W x D) 15 3/4" x 16 1/4" x 15"
Dimensions Of Course Pond Brush (L x Dia) 5" x 3"
Telescopic Pole 21 1/4" - 62 1/2"
Price $44.95

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