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PentAir IntelliFlo Self Priming Variable Driven Pond and Pool Pump



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PentAir IntelliFlo Self Priming Variable Driven Pond and Pool Pump


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PentAir IntelliFlo Self Priming Variable Driven Pond/Pool Pump

Take control of you system with the NEW PentAir IntelliFlo Self Priming Variable speed external pond pump. This unit is among the newest and most advanced pumps in the industry. As always, PentAir is on the cutting edge with their pumps and this is no exception. With the worry-free IntelliFlo system, you can easily control the pumps output flow rate without having back-pressure hurt your pump. Self Priming makes installation a breeze; simply fill the priming pot with water and turn the pump on, within seconds the air will clear out of your system and the flow rate will continue to increase to your set amount. Not only does this pump have FOUR pre-set speeds, but it has the ability to be increased or decreased in 10 RPM increments. Having a pump as variable as this gives you the ability to control what your waterfall looks like or even how much flow your sensitive pressurized filter or UV receives. Not only will you have one of the best pumps in the industry, but with ease you can perfectly manage the flow throughout your system. Stop messing with burnt out pumps and put your system in the future.

Note: Warranty does not include flood damage within the pump.


Model Name PentAir Intelliflo
Model Number 011012
Application External Pump
Max Flow Rate 10440 G.P.H.
Intake / Output 2" NPT
Warranty 1 year
MAX Watts 3200
Amps 20
Volts 230
Cord Length 15 ft.
H.P. 3
MAX Head 38 ft.
L X W X H 23" X 12" X 13"
Shipping FREE
Price $1599.00
Flow Charts

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