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PondMaster Pumpguard


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PondMaster Pumpguard

Water Pump Maintenance Solution

PondMaster Pumpguard

PondMaster Pumpguard is a biodegradable, safe cleaner formulated to rapidly dissolve all types of mineral scale, lime, and rust from equiptment used in ponds. It also is designed to quickly remove calcium carbonate.

PondMaster Pumpguard is safe for use with plastic, ceramic, rubber, PVC, titanium, copper, nickel, and short term use with stainless steel.

  • Instantly loosens mineral scale, lime, rust, and other detritus from pond water pumps
  • Keeps your water pump operating properly and efficiently
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Biodegradable
Item PondMaster Pumpguard PondMaster Pumpguard PondMaster Pumpguard
Size 4 oz. 32 oz. 1 Gallon
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