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PondMaster Skimmer and Filter Combo



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PondMaster Skimmer and Filter Combo


PondMaster Skimmer/Filter
The PondMaster Skimmer/Filter helps clean water in two ways. First, the automatically adjusting skimmer basket removes debris from the pond surface quickly and completely. The filter system inside the skimmer base eliminates suspended partials from below the water surface. The self-adjusting/floating skimmer adjusts to uneven pond bottom, aerates water and clears large debris from the pond. The adjusting skimmer allows for a 6" difference in water level. The filter system eliminates most suspended particles from below the water surface. A flow control ring directs water to the skimmer or the filter. Coarse and foam media provides both mechanical and biological filtration. The PondMaster Skimmer/Filter can even accept other media such as stone, ceramics and lava rock (not included). For use with pumps 1800 - 2400 GPH.
Model Name PondMaster Skimmer/Filter
Application Pond Skimmer/Filter
Flow Rate 1800 - 2400 G.P.H.
Gallon Capacity 2000
Shipping FREE
Price $130.27

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