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PondMaster Supreme -Inline Direct Drive HyDrive Skimmer Pond Pump



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PondMaster WFP Pond Pumps

PondMaster Supreme - Inline Direct Drive HyDrive Skimmer Pond Pump


PondMaster WFP Pond Pump

These continuous duty pond pumps are designed to move large volumes of water silently and efficiently through filtration systems or to a waterfall, stream or fountain. They incorporate a high efficiency vortex impeller in conjunction with a ceramic impeller shaft and bearings to provide energy savings while maintaining high output.

These pond pumps can be used submersed or inline, indoors or outdoors. The rotor assembly is removable for simple cleaning and maintenance. The unique design reduces the frequency of pond pump cleaning while maintaining optimum water flow. Overload protection is built in by means of a self resetting thermal overload switch.

  • Powerful, Efficient Hybrid Magnetic/Direct Drive Motor
  • Energy efficient to reduce operating cost
  • Stainless Steel Rotor
  • Whisper-Quiet operation
  • Specifically designed for use with SALTWATER and FRESHWATER aquariums
  • Fish safe because no oil is used!
  • Inline (Below water line) and Submersible operation
  • Continuous duty operation
  • 10 foot power cord
  • Integrated filter screen/adaptor for Clog-Resistant operation
  • Convenient base plate included
  • Coupling and Barb fittings included

NOTE: Magnetic impellers are not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. The reason why a manufacturer does not cover an impeller is that they are easily broken due to improper use of a pump. For example, if one was to operate a pump without using a cage or strainer, it would leave the inlet exposed and thus would allow for an object to pass through the pumps inlet. To keep magnetic impellers working at its optimal efficiency AZPonds recommend the PondMaster Pumpguard Water Pump Maintenance Solution. Click Here to view the PondMaster Pumpguard Water Pump Maintenance Solution.

Model Name Model Number Nominal Flow Rate Intake / Output Watts / Amps Warranty Shipping Price
WFP 1600 02583 1600 GPH 1.25" / 1.25" 120 / 1.0 2 year FREE $179.99
WFP 2100 02582 2100 GPH 1.25" / 1.25" 190 / 1.5 2 year FREE $199.99
WFP 2600 02581 2600 GPH 1.25" / 1.25" 270 / 2.2 2 year FREE $229.99
WFP 3200 02580 3200 GPH 1.5" / 1.5" 200 / 1.6 2 year FREE $219.99
WFP 4000 02575 4000 GPH 1.5" / 1.5" 230 / 1.9 2 year FREE $239.99
WFP 4800 02570 4800 GPH 1.5" / 1.5" 250 / 2.0 2 year FREE $279.99
WFP 6000 02572 6000 GPH 2" / 2" 675 / 5.5 2 year FREE $329.99

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