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Priming Pots (Leaf Baskets)



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Priming Pots (Leaf Baskets)

Priming Pots (Leaf Baskets)


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Priming Pots (Leaf Baskets)

The Priming Pot is designed to facilitate priming the pump and suction line. It is not intended to prime (remove air from) the suction line. It also provides a strainer basket to trap large debris. The Priming Pot is intended for use when your pump is situated above water level. The pot is not intended for the positive pressures found when the pump is substantially below water level.

NOTE: 2" Priming pot includes a 1.5" outlet and a 2" adapter

Model Name 1.5" Priming Pot 2" Priming Pot High Volume Flow Basket
Application Prime External Pumps Prime External Pumps Prime External Pumps
Intake / Output 2" / 1.5" 2" / 2" 2" Unions / 3" Threaded
Cubin Inches 90 90 500
Diameter 6" 6" 10"
Diagrams Tech Drawing Tech Drawing Large Image
Price $89.99 $89.99 $249.99

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