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RK2 Ponds Ultra Multi-Cyclone Filters


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RK2 Ponds Ultra Multi-Cyclone Filters


RK2 Ponds Ultra Multi-Cyclone Filters

A Revolution in Pond Filtration: MultiCyclone Ultra combines centrifugal and cartridge filtration into one streamline housing, creating an ultra compact filtration system that can be vertically installed on a pond pump.

  • Dual stage filtration
  • Ultra compact
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Save time, water and energy

Dual Stage Filtration: Incoming water tangentially enters its multiple hydrocyclones, generating a strong centrifugal effect. Approximately 80% of the incoming dirt load is spiraled down to its clear sediment chamber. The outgoing water is finally polished via its inbuilt cartridge filter, producing crystal clear water.

Extended Filter Capacity: As MultiCyclone Ultra's centrifugal section filter pre-filters up to 80% of the incoming dirt load, the capacity of its 75 ft2 filter cartridge is magnified by up to 5 times.

Ease of maintenance: MultiCyclone Ultra's sediment chamber is easily cleaned by opening its purge valve. Only 5 gallons of water is discharged.

Ultra Compact: MultiCyclone Ultra's streamlined design means the entire filtration system can be installed vertically, reducing the footprint of the equipment pad. Additionally, minimal pipework reduces the filtration system's overall head loss. Alternatively the MultiCyclone Plus can be installed next to the pump by using an optional support base.

Warranty: MultiCyclone Ultra is covered by a 2 year warranty and 1 year warranty on labor. Commercial installations are covered by a 1 year warranty.

Item RK2 Ponds RK-MC-12 Ultra Multi-Cyclone Filter RK2 Ponds RK-MC-16 Ultra Multi-Cyclone Filter
Model Number RK-MC-12 Ultra RK-MC-16 Ultra
Hydroclones 12 16
Inlet / Outlet 1.5" 2"
Minimum Flow 600 G.P.H. 780 G.P.H.
Maximum Flow 3,600 G.P.H. 4,500 G.P.H.
Filter Area 55 ft squared 55 ft squared
Maximum Pond Size 28,000 Gallons 36,000 Gallons
Maximum Pressure 50psi/350 kPai 50psi/350 kPai
Shipping FREE FREE
Price $658.95 $761.70

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