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Savio Pond Skimmer



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Savio Pond Skimmer


Savio Pond Skimmer

The Skimmer by Savio makes it easy to skim your pond. Its a great tool for a koi pond. The Savio Skimmer will eliminate up to 85% of debris before it sinks. Savio skimmers are made extremely durable.

  • Ideal for skimming large outdoor ponds and water garden ponds
  • Removes up to 85% of debris before it sinks.
  • Macro filtration traps large debris.
  • Bio-Mechanical filtration maintains healthy living bacteria and polishes water.
  • Sturdy locking cover.
  • Bio-mechanical filter mat and frame
  • Spacious pump chamber.
  • Mid-water intake option.
  • Rugged leaf basket.
  • Injection molded housing.
Model Name Savio 6" Skimmer Savio 8.5" Skimmer Savio 16" Skimmer
Application Pond Skimmer Pond Skimmer Pond Skimmer
Max. Flow Rate 3,500 G.P.H. 5,000 G.P.H. 8,500 G.P.H.
Intake Weir 6" 8.5" 16"
Dimensions (L X W X H) 27.75" x 23.5" x 24.25" 27.75" x 23.5" x 24.25" 27.75" x 23.5" x 24.25"
Warranty 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year
Price $411.75 $419.25 $426.75
Savio Skimmer Accessories
  Item Model Number Size
(L x W x H)
Shipping Price  
click_image Savio Regular Rock Lid Cover K5001 30" x 30" x 6" FREE $199.99
click_image Savio External Pump Kit K1002  

click_image Savio Mid-Water Intake K1001  

click_image Savio Mechanical Water Leveler K1003  

Savio Skimmer Filter Pad FMSVSS  

Savio Skimmer Left Baffle Shield for the Uvinex RS105     $14.99
Savio Skimmer Right Baffle Shield for the Uvinex RS106     $14.99
Savio Pump Discharge Kits
Item Pumps Size Model Number Inlet Size Outlet Size Price  
Savio K3001 Pump Discharge Kit

WMC1740, WMC2220, WMC3960

K3001 1 1/4" MPT 2" Slip $29.99
Savio K3002 Pump Discharge Kit WMC1200 K3002 1" FMPT 1" Slip $29.99
Savio k3013 pump discharge kit WMS1450-3600 K3013 1 1/4" MPT 2" Slip $47.99
Savio k3016 pump discharge kit WMS5000-6500 K3016 1 1/4" MPT 2" Slip $47.99

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