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Thermo Pond Deicer



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Thermo Pond Deicer

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Thermo Pond Deicer

Floating Thermo-Pond De-Icer was designed to float on top keeping a hole through the ice all winter long. While using only 100 watts of electricity, compared to the average 1300 watts, Thermo-Pond saves you money on your electric bill each month! Thermo-Pond allows toxic gases to escape all winter long, helping the fish live throgh the cold winter. Thermo-Pond can save you as much as $30.00 per month on your electric bill! This unit can withstands -30 Fahrenheit temperatures and comes with a 12 ft. cord.

NOTE: Mineral build-up can affect the performance of the de-icer and is not covered under the manufacturer warranty. Deicers will ship via USPS. All warranties are handled through the manufactuer. The number you can reach them is 719-591-6950

Item 100 Watt Thermo Pond Deicer
Watts 100 Watts
Pond Size 800 Gallons
(L x W x H)
12" x 12" x 4"
Cord Length 12 ft
Warranty 1 Year
SPECIAL $48.95

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