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Pond Vacuum Parts

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Laguna Powerclean Cordless Pond Vacuum Parts

Laguna Powerclean Cordless Pond Vacuum
Item Model Number Shipping Price  
Laguna Powerclean Replacement discharge Hose PT-837   $18.99
Laguna Powerclean Replacement Debris Bag PT-838   $5.99
Laguna Powerclean Replacement Shoulder Strap PT-839   $23.99
Laguna Powerclean Replacement Rechargable Battery PT-845 FREE $99.99
Laguna Powerclean Replacement Charging Adapter PT-846   $39.99
Laguna Powerclean Replacement Nozzle with Brush PT-847   $6.99
Laguna Powerclean Replacement Blades PT-848   $12.99
Laguna Powerclean Replacement Hose Clips PT-849   $9.99


Laguna Pond Vac Parts

Laguna Pond Vac Parts
  Item Price  
Replacement Filter Bag PT-833 $3.99


Pond Vac
The Muck Buster Parts

Pond Vac - The Muck Buster
Taking Pre-orders for parts. The arts are expected to be in by mid November.
  Item Price  
Foam Sleeve - MTPVFS $10.95
3 Piece Vacuum Head Set - MTPVH3 $12.95
Vacuum Float with Magnet - MTPVFM $3.95
Vacuum O-Ring Canister Seal - MTPVORS $2.95
Vacuum Suction Hose - MTPVSH $59.95
  Vacuum Flapper Valve - MTPVDHF $19.95
Vacuum Drain Hose with Flapper Valve (THREADED) - MTPVDHT $39.95
Vacuum Drain Hose with Flapper Valve (PUSH FIT) - MTPVDHP $39.95
Vacuum Canister Clamp - MTVC $3.95
(SINGLE) Vacuum Extension Tube - MTPV-ET-1 $5.95
(Set of 5) Vacuum Extension Tube - MTPV-ET-5 $29.75
Vacuum Debris Collection Bag - MTPVCB $19.95


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