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PondCare Products


PondCare Filter Media

PondCare Super Activated Carbon

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PondCare Super Activated Carbon
The Pondcare Super Activated Carbon offers the following advantages:
  • The highest quality activated carbon available.
  • Free of algae-promoting phosphate
  • Does not affect pH
  • Removes medications, colors and oders
  • For fresh and saltwater
Item Model Number Size Price
PondCare Super Activated Carbon AP-73F 1 Cubic Ft. $179.95

PondCare Water Treatments

PondCare Pond-Zyme

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PondCare Pond-Zyme
Specially selected bacteria strains in Pond-Zyme Plus immediately begin breaking down fish waste and dead algae that cause cloudy water, sludge build-up, and debris that clogs pumps and filters. Through natural nutrient competition and enzymatic action, Pond-Zyme Plus reduces pond maintenance and keeps pond water clean and clear. 100% natural and safe for all pond fish, plants and wildlife.
Model Name Price  
Pond-Zyme 8 oz. $11.89
Pond-Zyme 16 oz. $21.99

PondCare AlgaeFix



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AlgaeFix can be used in ponds containing live plants and fish. AlgaeFix effectively controls "green water" algae blooms and blanket weed (Oedogonium). This chemical keeps ornamental ponds and water gardens clean and clear. AlgaeFix is an EPA registered Algaecide that helps resolve future algae problems.EPA Reg#: 8709-8, EPA EST No.: 8709-PA-1

Poly [Oxyethlene (dimethyliminio) ethylene (dimethyliminio) ethylene dichloride]: 4.50%

Click Here for Dosage Rates
Note: Algaefix 2.5 Gallons is excluded from our pricematch Policy
Item Treats Shipping Price SPECIAL  
AlgaeFix 16 oz. Treats 4,800 gallons

AlgaeFix 32 oz. Treats 9,600 gallons

AlgaeFix 64 oz. Treats 19,200 gallons

AlgaeFix Gallon Treats 38,400 gallons

AlgaeFix 2.5 Gallon Treats 96,000 gallons FREE   $114.95

PondCare Microbial Algae Clean

PondCare Microbial Algae Clean
Microbial Algae Clean

  • Contains Patented Bacteria
  • Biological inhibitor of green water
  • Promotes a cleaner pond environment
  • Eliminates troublesome organic sludge and debris
  • Improves dissolved oxygen levels
  • Helps establish and maintain the biological filter
  • Reduces noxious odors from the pond
Item Treats Shipping Price
Microbial Algae Clean 16 oz. Treats 4,800 gallons

Microbial Algae Clean 32 oz. Treats 9,600 gallons

Microbial Algae Clean 64 oz. Treats 19,200 gallons

Microbial Algae Clean 1 Gallon Treats 38,400 gallons


PondCare Eco-Fix

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PondCare Eco-Fix
Murky, cloudy water keeps you from enjoying your pond and fish as much as you'd like. In addition, dissolved organics and sludge build up and reduce the oxygen concentration in the water, creating a breeding ground for disease-causing, pathogenic bacteria. By digesting sludge and reducing dissolved organics, EcoFix reduces organic pollution, increases the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water and maintains a healthy ecosystem in your pond.
Item Treats Price
EcoFix 16 oz. Treats 4,000 gallons $11.99
EcoFix 32 oz. Treats 8,000 gallons $20.99
EcoFix 64 oz. Treats 16,000 gallons $34.99
EcoFix 1 Gallon Treats 32,000 gallons $64.99

PondCare Accu-Clear

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PondCare Accu-Clear 
Accu-Clear quickly clears cloudy pond water and helps filters work more efficiently. This product will help to maintain crystal-clear pond water and eliminate floating partials. Accu-Clear should be Use in conjunction with Pond ZymeT Plus for a cleaner, clearer pond.
Item Treats Price


Accu-Clear 16 oz. Treats 4,800 gallons $11.99
Accu-Clear 32 oz. Treats 9,400 gallons $19.99
Accu-Clear 64 oz. Treats 19,200 gallons $31.99
Accu-Clear 1 gal. Treats 37,854 gallons $59.95

PondCare Simply Clear

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PondCare Simply Clear
Simply Clear quickly clears your pond and then consumes the ingredients, such as phosphates, that cause murkey water through natural bacterial action. Simply-Clear is a stable fast-acting bacteria that feeds on small size organic materials that often cause cloudy water conditions. As the bacteria rapidly grow they shed their outer coating which acts as natural flocculent clumping the fine particles. As the fine particles clump together they either drop to the bottom of the pond or are removed by the pond filter. Once the particles are clumped together the bacteria have a concentrated food source eliminating it from the water. The fast-acting bacteria are extremely efficient at breaking down dissolved proteins that are associated with poor water clarity. Simply-Clear bacteria will quickly clear pond water and digest and eliminate the floating particles.
Item Price


Simply Clear 16 oz. $12.99
Simply Clear 32 oz. $19.99
Simply Clear 64 oz. $33.99
Simply Clear 1 Gallon $61.99

PondCare Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer

rewards info

PondCare Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer

Instantly neutralizes chlorine, copper, lead and zinc, as well as other heavy metals found in tap and well water, all of which may be toxic to fish and plants.

Item Treats Price


Neutralizer 16 oz. Treats 9600 gallons $9.95
Neutralizer 32 oz. Treats 19200 gallons $19.99

PondCare Ammo-Lock 2 Water Treatments

rewards info

PondCare Ammo-Lock 2 Water Treatments

Pond Care Ammo-Lock 2 Works Instantly!

  • Detoxifies ammonia produced by fish waste
  • Removes chlorine and Chloramine from tap water
  • Eliminates ammonia stress and protects healthy gill function
Item Treats Price  
Ammo-Lock 16 oz. Treats 960 gallons $11.99
Ammo-Lock 32 oz. Treats 1920 gallons $18.99
Ammo-Lock 64 oz. Treats 3840 gallons $31.99

PondCare pH Up and pH Down

rewards info

pH DownpH Up

Slowly adjusts the pH of pond water, which can change from day to day, without harming delicate pond fish or pond plants.

Item Price  
PH Up 16 oz. $12.99
PH Down 16 oz. $12.99

PondCare Pond Salt

PondCare Pond Salt

POND SALT provides essential electrolytes fish need to reach their maximum coloration and vitality. To maintain optimal health Pondcare POND SALT improves gill function, reduces stress, improves osmoregulation and speeds disease recover. No other product has such an extensive history of proven results. Pond Care POND SALT is not a table salt or a rock salt, but an all-natural sea salt manufactured for use in ponds.

Item Model Number Treats Price  
Pond Salt 4.4 lb. Model #156C Treats 550 gallons $5.49
Pond Salt 9.6 lb. Model #156 Treats 1,200 gallons $14.99
Pond Salt 50 lb. Model #106D Treats 6,250 gallons $59.99

PondCare MelaFix

rewards info

PondCare MelaFix
MelaFix is an all-natural medication derived from the leaves of "Melaleuca," the scientific name for a species of the tea tree. The healing properties of tea tree extract have been known for centuries. University studies and extensive laboratory tests showed that MelaFix is an effective anti-bacterial remedy for pond fish. MelaFix also caused rapid repair of damaged fish tissue and fins. New growth was seen in as little as four days of treatment. The evidence led to the granting of a United States patent. International patents are pending.
Item Model Number Price
MelaFix 16 oz. Model #176B $14.99
MelaFix 64 oz Model #176C $39.95

PondCare PimaFix

rewards info

PondCare PimaFix
  • Treats fungal infections
  • Treats both internal and external bacterial infections
  • PimaFix has been formulated to work in combination with MelaFix to enhance effectiveness against fish diseases
Model Name Treats Price  
PondCare PimaFix 16 oz. 2400 gallons $12.99
PondCare PimaFix 64 oz. 9600 gallons $41.99

PondCare Test Kits

Confused on what your water levels should be? Click Here for our Measure Water Quality Chart.

PondCare API Ammonia Test Kit

PondCare API Ammonia Test Kit
Model Name API Ammonia Test Kit
Tests For Ammonia - NH3 / NH4+
Price $12.99

PondCare API Phosphate Test Kit

PondCare API Phosphate Test Kit
Model Name API Phosphate Test Kit
Tests For Phosphate - PO4
Price $10.99

PondCare API Nitrate Test Kit

PondCare API Nitrate Test Kit
Model Name API Nitrate Test Kit
Tests For Nitrate - NO3
Price $8.99

PondCare API Nitrite Test Kit

PondCare API Nitrite Test Kit
Model Name API Nitrite Test Kit
Tests For Nitrite - NO2
Price $8.99

PondCare API pH Test Kit

PondCare API pH Test Kit
Model Name API pH Test Kit
Tests For pH
Price $7.99

PondCare API Copper Test Kit

PondCare API Copper Test Kit
Model Name API Copper Test Kit
Tests For Copper - Cu+
Price $8.99

PondCare Master Liquid Test Kit

API Master Kit
Model Name PondCare Master Liquid Test Kit
Model Number #164M
Test for Phosphate, pH, Nitrite, Ammonia
Price $26.99

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