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Pump Vaults / Resevoir Blox



Aquascape Pondless Waterfall Vault


Aquascape Pondless Waterfall Vault

The Aquascape Pondless Waterfall Vault was designed to integrate with the AquaBlox making installation a snap. The Pondless Waterfall Vault's standard height is for basins using the Small AquaBlox. Optional Pondless Waterfall Vault Extensions can be used when creating deeper basins using the Large AquaBlox.

The vault's extra wide opening provides easy access and the large interior fits a wide range of pump sizes. The lid is easy to camouflage, and includes a built-in water level inspection port Allowing it to be buried out of sight.


Item Aquascape Pondless Waterfall Vault
Vault Size
(L x W x H)
23" x 18"x 25.5"
Lid Size
(L x W)
16" x 16"
Max Flow Rate 10,000 G.P.H.
Shipping FREE
Price $269.99
Savio Pond Free Waterfall Well

Savio Pond Free Waterfall Well


Waterfall well shown with optional extension unit

Create beautiful disappearing waterfalls and streams without the need for a pond. Enjoy the sounds of a lively water feature with less maintenance. Savio Pond Free Waterfall Wells simplify construction of dramatic vanishing waterfalls and endless streams. Patent pending design protects your pump from the crushing forces of rock and water with a structurally tough injection-molded housing. Durable snap-fit enclosure is easy to assemble and contains no moving parts. Multiple uses for irrigation, drainage and lift-pump applications. Handles flow up to 15,000 GPH.
Savio Pond Free Waterfall Well
Model Number SWW1000
Dimensions 24" tall, 22" diameter (base), 15" diameter (top)
Max Flow Rate 15,000 G.P.H.
Shipping FREE
SPECIAL $174.99
Item Price SPECIAL  
Savio Pond Free 18" Waterfall Well Extension   $79.99
Savio Auto-Fill Kit for Waterfall Well $44.25  

PondMaster Pond Pump Vaults


PondMaster Pond Pump Vaults

The PondMaster Pond Pump Vaults are a sturdy housing used in self-contained waterfalls and streams. These units will accommodate submersible pond pumps up to 4800 G.P.H. These Vaults are perfect for preventing debris from entering and clogging submersible pond pumps. The vaults are sturdy enough to house a pond pump in a pondless waterfalls and durable to house a pond pump in a regular pond also.

Note: Pond Pump Sold Separately.


  • Acts as a Pre-Filter to Protect Submerged Pond Pump Intakes from Getting Clogged with Gravel or Debris
  • Built of Rugged, Weather-Resistant Polyethylene Plastic
  • Can be Safely Buried Below Grade
  • Reinforced Lid Withstands the Weight of Gravel and Stones
  • Works Great for Waterfalls and Streams
  • PRO4800 Pond Pump Vault includes FREE AUTO FILL KIT


Item PondMaster PRO2000 MINI Pond Pump Vault PondMaster PRO4800 Pond Pump Vault
Model Number 02465 02460
Dimensions 15" L x 15" W x 15" H 23" L x 23" W x 25" H
Auto Fill Kit Included
Max Flow Rate 1800 G.P.H. 5000 G.P.H.
Shipping FREE FREE
SPECIAL $149.99 $269.99

Atlantic Watergardens Pump Vault


Atlantic Watergardens Pump Vault
Atlantic's heavy duty one piece design can accommodate a large pump up to 15,000 GPH. Vaults features large openings for pump access, cut lines for pump discharge and pipe extensions, and flat panels for custom plumbing applications.
Item Atlantic Watergardens Small Pump Vault Atlantic Watergardens Large Pump Vault
Model Number PV1800 PV2300
Dimensions 18" W x 24"H 23" W x 30"H
Max Flow Rate 10,000 G.P.H. 15,000 G.P.H.
Shipping FREE FREE
SPECIAL $209.99 $379.99
Item Shipping Price  
PV1800 Pump Vault Extension - PV18EXT FREE $149.99

Atlantic Echo Chamber

Atlantic Echo Chamber

As pondless water features and disappearing waterfalls continue to increase in popularity, Atlantic's Echo Chamber Series fills a much needed role.

Whether used in combination with a Fastfalls unit in a run or as a stand-alone unit in a fountain application, an Echo Chamber serves not only as a collection basin for pumping, but also to amplify natural water sounds to enhance the acoustic effect of your water feature.

  • Deep basin accommodates pump and check valve assembly (pump and assembly sold separately)
  • Drill-Point areas accommodate auto-fill assembly shown at right (Assembly sold separately)
  • Rugged high-molecular weight polyethylene shell warranted for life
  • Drill-point areas accommodate the addition of overflows, cleanout drains, and lighting (all sold separately)

Echo Chamber Features:

  1. Rugged HDPE top grate for supporting gravel or stone.
  2. Deep basin accommodates pump and check valve assembly (pump and assembly sold separately)
  3. Drill-point areas accommodate auto-fill assembly (assembly sold separately)
  4. Rugged high-molecular weight polyethylene shell has lifetime warranty.
  5. Drill-point areas accommodate the addition of overflows, cleanout drains, and lighting (all sold separately).
  6. Modular design allows two or more Echo Chambers to join together
Item Atlantic Echo Chamber
Model Number ECT250
Max Flow Rate 20,000 G.P.H.
Bulkhead Accomidation
(bulkhead sold seperately)
1.5" - 3"
Dimensions 4' x 3' x 26"
SPECIAL $399.99

Aquascape AquaBlox

Aquascape's AquaBlox

Aquascape's Aquablox comes complete with a top and bottom, two sides and four structural supports.

Manufactured using recycled materials, the AquaBlox D-Raintanks module is a lightweight structure that provides area or void space for various water storage projects. Aquablox can easily support the weight of ornamental rocks and gravel.

Item Aquascape's Small AquaBlox Aquascape's Large AquaBlox
(L x W x H)
26.5" x 16" x 9.5" 26.5" x 16" x 17.5"
Volume 17 Gallons 32 Gallons
Load Bearing Weight 5,472 lbs./sq. ft. 5,472 lbs./sq. ft.
Price $38.69 $47.69

Atlantic Water Gardens EcoBlox

Atlantic's EcoBlox is a water matrix that is designed for water storage in pond free applications. Excellent for use with disappearing waterfalls.


  • Holds 3 times more water than traditional basins (up to 31.5 gal)
  • 8 panel construction
  • Slide lock connection system
  • 1/2" x 3/4" hole size for small gravel use
Item Atlantic Water Gardens EcoBlox
Model Number ECOBLOX
Capacity 31.5 gallons

16" W x 27"L x17.5"H

Price $49.17

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