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Phosphate Control



Easypro Natural Phosphate Binder

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Easypro Natural Phosphate Binder

This natural plant based powder formulation provides a non-chemical alternative to using aluminum sulfate (ALUM) in koi ponds and watergardens.

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  • Binds problem causing phosphate
  • Provides approximately 70 beneficial trace minerals
  • Buffers pH
  • Provides minor flocculation (settling) of suspended particles

Directions for Use: Phosphate Binder can be used all season long. Best if mixed with several gallons of pond water to make a slurry, then spread around edges of pond. Can be applied up to 2x recommend rates. Multiple treatments per week can be used for murky water. Best results if used with All Season Pond Bacteria. Can be used in alternate weeks or at the same time as bacteria treatments.

Initial applications (or murky water): Apply 1 oz. (one scoop) per 500 gallons of pond water two times per week for first 2 weeks.

Maintenance applications: Apply 1 oz. (one scoop) per 500 gallons of pond water every 1 to 2 weeks

  • 7 lb pail contains approximately 130 scoops
  • Treats 3,500 gallon pond 5 to 9 months
Easypro Natural Phosphate Binder
Easypro Natural Phosphate Binder
Model Number PF2 PF7
Size 2 lb. Jar 7 lb. Pail
Initial Dose 1 - 1 oz scoop per 500 gallons 1 packet per 1000 gallons
Maintenance Dose 1 - 1 oz scoop per 500 gallons 1 packet per 1000 gallons
Bottle Treats Up to 20,000 gallons 3,500 gallon pond for up to 9 months
Price $21.49 $64.99

Microbe-Lift Pond Phosphate Remover

Microbe-Lift Pond Phosphate Remover
Use Pond Phosphate Remover when starting or setting up a new pond. this ensures that high phosphate concentrations will not occur. To eliminate excess phosphate successfully it is also necessary to use phosphate remover in a mew or mature pond on a regular basis.
Model Name Pond Phosphate Remover Pond Phosphate Remover Pond Phosphate Remover
Size 16 oz. 32 oz. 1 Gallon
Price $8.76 $14.36 $43.96

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