Laguna Pond Skimmer / Bio Filter Falls

Installation Instructions

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Laguna Quick Installation Instructions

Excavating for the Skimmer Filter
Dig an 18-inch deep hole in desired spot. Use soil or fine gravel to backfill and tamp down to a stable and level base 14 inches deep.
Install the Skimmer Filter
Place the unit in the hole, ensuring that the input faces the pond. Backfill, making sure that it is stable and level and the liner can be pulled over the top of unit. Top screw hole on front panel of unit should be level with water surface (when pond is filled later).
Glue Liner on the Skimmer Filter
Tightly place the liner over the front of the unit. Apply silicone glue around the opening. Press the liner against the unit to adhere completely. Trim off excess liner.
Install the Faceplate
Punch a hole through the liner inside the unit. Place the corresponding hole on the faceplate over the hole and fasten with a screw. Repeat for all holes.
Cut the Liner Over Opening of the Skimmer Filter
After the faceplate is installed, cut the liner covering the opening and seal with silicone.
Install the Pump(s)
Place circulating pump(s) inside the chamber and run tubing to it through side opening. Attach a Click-Fit coupling to the tubing and connect it to the pump output. Run other end of tubing to the desired pond equipment or to pond.
Install Foating Door, Baskets and Media
Place the floating door and media baskets inside the unit. Install the coarse filter media pad and Biospheres (included) and other media (not included) if desired. Put the lid on and lock it. If installing the Skimmer Filter only, fill the pond. Finish infrastructure work. When water is at desired level, connect the pump(s) to power supply.
Install the Filter Falls
If you have a waterfall, install the unit near this area. If using the supplied spillway to generate waterfalls, place the unit in the desired location. Build a stable and level foundation and place the unit on top of it. Install the spray bar, filter brushes and media baskets.
Install the Drain Plug and Bulkhead Fittings
Screw the drain plug in place. Screw the fittings in the holes at the front of the unit. If using the spillway, use the bulkhead fittings to secure it in place.
Attach Tubing to the Filter Falls Output
Attach up to four separate hoses to the output of the Filter Falls. Each hose can supply water to the pond or to pond equipment such as a UV Sterilizer.
Connect the Skimmer Filter to the Filter Falls If also installing a Filter Falls unit, run the tubing from the Skimmer Filter Falls to supply water to it. Use either 1 ¼” or 1 ½” tubing.
Place Media inside the Filter Falls Unit
Place the brushes on the bar inside the unit. Install the coarse filter pad and Biospheres (included) and other media (not included) if desired. Put the lid on the unit and lock it. Fill the pond and connect the pump(s) to the power supply for water circulation to begin.

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