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Pond Biz Magazine     Pond Biz Magazine POND BIZ Magazine is a bimonthly trade magazine for the Garden Pond industry. It is packed with vital information geared specifically for koi and watergarden contractors and service companies, Garden Pond product retailers, distributors, manufacturers, importers, breeders and growers. Included is product information, how to's, sales and marketing assistance, and much more. You can get a free subscription, and download current and prior issues all at pondbizmag.com.It is free to anyone who works in the Garden Pond Industry, so login and sign up today.

North American Water Garden Society     North American Water Garden Society An organization of pond lovers dedicated to the enjoyment, education, promotion and protection of the water garden hobby.

Certified Aquascape Contractor     Certified Aquascape Contractor The Pond and Water Garden Resources Website was designed to educate the public through free information on ponds and water gardens, and to promote the natural "balanced ecosystem" method of pond building pioneered by Aquascape Designs, Inc. (ADI)

Nishikigio International     Nishikigio International was launched in 1989 and is designed for serious Koi Keepers who want top quality Koi Only information. It is one of the world's top Koi magazines, bringing Koi Keepers in 32 countries world wide the best and latest Koi information and photos available anywhere.

Koi USA Magazine     Koi USA Magazine is packed with vital articles about pond construction, filtration, fish health, classification, dealer contacts, club news and upcoming events and much more. Each issue contains over 120 jam-packed pages of exciting koi stories in bright, full color. Don't miss any of the six big issues each. Stay informed and up to date year 'round.

Koi Magazine     Koi Magazine Britons best practical guide to keeping Koi.

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