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PondMaster Do It Yourself Delux Waterfall Kit



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PondMaster Do-It-Yourself Deluxe Waterfall Kit


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PondMaster DIY Pondless Waterfall Kit

Create a completely self-contained, recirculating waterfall wth these PondMaster Do-It-Yourself Deluxe Waterfall Kits. You can build an intriguing waterscape that fills a very small space. The Do-It-Yourself Waterfall Kits gives you the sound and satisfaction of a pond, without the construction and maintenance of a larger installation. With these kits you get all the elements required to build the waterfall.

Note: Some landscaping materials may be required.

Kit Includes:

  • Magnetic Driven Submersible Pump
  • PondMaster Mini Pump Vault
  • PondMaster Pro Waterfall Box
  • Smooth PVC Tubing
  • Flexible PVC Liner
Model Name Do-It-Yourself Large Deluxe Waterfall kit
Model Number 05255
Application Pondless Waterfall
Submersible Pump Pondmaster Mag Drive PM-12
Max Flow Rate 1200 GPH
PRO Waterfall Box PRO2000 Waterfall Box
Falls Width 11-1/4"
Container Capacity 1.5 Gallons
PVC Tubing Size
(Dia x Length)
1" x 25'
PVC Pond Liner Size 8' x 12'
Warranty 1 Year
Shipping FREE
Price $424.68

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