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The AZPonds Questions & Answers section is to help people with any kind of pond question. Our pond technician Kris will also be answering questions too. You may notice points by your name after you sign in. These points are tallied on a scale based on submitting, answering and even voting on questions that are verified by AZPonds. For every 50 points you reach you will receive a $10.00 gift certificate from AZPonds to purchase on This is our way to thank you for helping your fellow pond enthusiasts. So go ahead and ask / answer any pond question!

Click Here to ask / answer a question!

Posting a question: 5 ponts
Per up vote on your question: 1 point
Limit from up votes on each question: 10 points
Posting an answer: 5 points
Having your answer selected as the best: 10 points
Per up vote on your answer: 2 points
Limit from up votes on each answer: 10 points
Voting up a question: 1 point
Voting down a question: 1 point
Voting up an answer: 1 point
Voting down an answer: 1 point



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