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Koi Kichi Filters

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Koi Kichi Filters



Koi Kichi Biological Bead Filters

Featuring KALDNES Filter Media


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Koi Kichi Biological Bead Filters
  • Comes assembled with bio-bead media specifically designed for ponds
  • Easy to Install and operate
  • Self Cleaning Backwash feature. Simple and Quick
  • Helps Reduce Solids

Quick connect fittings on all connections Includes :

  • Pressure gauge to indicate when to backwash 1" screened
  • Drain for winterizing
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Item Koi Kichi KKPVBF2000 Biological Bead Filter Koi Kichi KKPVBF4000 Biological Bead Filter Koi Kichi KKPVBF6000 Biological Bead Filter Koi Kichi KKPVBF10000 Biological Bead Filter
Model Number KKPVBF2000 KKPVBF4000 KKPVBF6000 KKPVBF10000
Diameter 16" Dia x 32" Tall 19" Dia x 36" Tall 24" Dia x 43" Tall 26" Dia x 47" Tall
Recommended Koi Kichi Pump KK5000 KK7000/KK6400 KK7550/KK7500 KKPNHH11000
Pond Size
1500 / 2500 Gallons 2500 / 4000 Gallons 4500 / 6500 Gallons 5000/10000 Gallons
Inlet/Outlet Port 1.5" 2" 2" 2"
Filter Media Quantity 1.3 Cubic Ft 2.1 Cubic Ft 3 Cubic Ft  
Price $699.99 $899.99 $999.99 $1699.99
Koi Kichi Filter Accessories
Item Shipping SPECIAL  
FREE $259.95

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