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How to Build a Waterfall

There are a number of ways to make waterfalls. Here are our suggestions.

Stage 1 - Placement of pump
Secure flexible tubing to the outlet of pump using a stainless steel hose clamp. Submerse at the furthest point from the waterfall. Route the tubing over side of pond (can be hidden under perimeter stones). Make sure the stone does not pinch the tubing, and avoid sharp bends in the tubing so it does not kink and reduce flow.

Stage 2 - Tubing
Route the tubing to the waterfall. Bury under soil.

Stage 3 - Building waterfall pond
Use displaced soil from pond to build an elevated area for waterfall. Consider making a small auxiliary pond in this mound. Position the spillway to flow into main pond. Build the small pond using the same techniques and liner as the main pond.

Two layers of liner are recommended for this pond. The first one contains the water. The second liner channels the water towards the fall. Important! Be sure the liner drapes underneath the waterfall spillway stones - otherwise you will experience water loss when the waterfall is in operation.

You may need to use liner seam tape in this stage.

Stage 4 - Building spillway
Once the spillway liner is in place - you will want to pump water up to the auxiliary pond and watch it flow down the liner spillway. (at this stage - your pond should be full of water).

Carefully select stones and position them - while the water is flowing over them. With the water flowing over the rock, you may replace, shift and add stones so you achieve the desired water spills you desire.

Place plant moss and small plants between the stones around the waterfall to achieve a natural look.

Note: The discharge from the filters can be routed to the waterfall pond or into the water stream. Because the water flows by gravity out the bottom of most of the filters, it must be positioned higher than the waterfall. If this is difficult to achieve, consider a "Y" or "T" connector in your tubing or use a pump diverter, with some water being diverted to the filter and some to the waterfall. You may also want to use two separate pumps, one for the waterfall and one for the filter. Other filters such as pressurized filters can be placed anywhere and allow water to be pushed through them up to the falls. If you have any questions installing your waterfall, please give us a call at 1-800-722-8877 or eMail us at mail@azponds.com.

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