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Category: Fall/Spring Maintenance FAQ

Will a deicer increase the temp of pond water?

Deicers will not increase the temperature of your pond. A deicer’s purpose is to keep a hole in the pond so toxic gasses can leave the pond and oxygen can enter the pond. A deicer combined with an air pump is the best combination to ensure a hole in the ice.

At what temperature should the filter be shut off on a pond?

Once your pond’s water temperature falls below 48 degrees fahrenheit, it’s a good time to get it ready for winter. If you have a pressurized filter or UV sterilizer, I suggest taking them off line and storing them away for winter. Since you have to put them away, I suggest using a silicone lubricant on […]

How do I winterize my skimmer?

Most pond skimmers will winter over without a problem if water freezes inside the unit. The reason is that most skimmers have tapered sides is so that when water freezes inside the skimmer it will expand and travel up the sides. Two examples of skimmers with tapered sides are ones from Atlantic Water Garden skimmers […]

Is my impeller on my magnetic driven pond pump covered under warranty?

The answer is no, it is not covered under pumps warranty. All manufacturers of magnetic driven style pumps have the same policy. The reason for this policy is that impellers usually break because the pump was operated without the pump sock or pump bag over the inlet or the impeller was not taken out and cleaned. When […]

Should I clean my waterfall spillway? If so how often?

yes you need to clean your bio falls every four to six weeks. If you don’t clean your bio falls, then the mechanical part of your filtration (filter mat) will become clogged with waste and will create back pressure on your pond pump as well as poor circulation in your pond. The first step is […]

What should you do if your pond surface freezes over?

One of the best ways to keep your fish happy and your pond from not freezing over is a pond de-icer. In other cases, people also use a pond air pump to allow for a hole to be open in the pond and for the harmful gases to escape. Although when your pond is not […]

How and when should I winterize my UV Sterilizer?

When water temperatures start to fall below 65ºf, then it’s time to consider bring your UV Sterilizer in for the winter. Since your bringing your UV in for the winter, it’s a good idea to get it ready for next spring. I suggest taking out the quartz sleeve and cleaning that off with CLR (found […]

What is the difference between all the vacuums for ponds?

There are two types of pond vacuums available on the market today and they are electrical and gravity. Let’s start out with electrical since these are probably the most powerful of pond vacuums. The most common ones that you see offered are what I call the “R-2-D-2” units, like the Matala Muck Vac. These pond […]

What steps should I take for opening my pond in the Spring?

As the days get longer and warmer our thoughts turn our backyard pond. You’re probably wondering where to start with getting your pond ready for spring time. Let’s start off by skimming as much waste as we can from the bottom of the pond. You want to get rid of those nasty dead leaves that might have […]

At what temperature should I stop and start feeding my fish?

I would suggest feeding when the water temperature is 42ºf and higher. I really don’t like feeding below this temperature as the fish’s metabolism is slow and the time to digest the food will take longer and may lead to health issues for the fish. Some manufacturers will suggest as low as 39ºf water temperature, […]

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