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Category: General Pond FAQ

Have little worms in your pond filter? Find out what they are

  It’s natural to be concerned when you see anything in your pond that is out of the ordinary. Fortunately, most of the standard frights I hear about are from harmless worms. Blood Worms Blood worms are little brownish-red aquatic worms that are harmless to both plants and animals. You may have seen groups of […]

I have leeches in my pond. Can I treat it with pond salt?

I wouldn’t suggest using an excessive amount of pond salt because this may effect the health of you koi as you could actually burn them and cause tissue damage. To the best of my knowledge, there is no effective leech treatment sold. Years ago I was told by another pond keeper to try a piece of […]

Pond turning a brownish tea color?

If the pond water is turning the color of ice tea, it may be turning this color due to run off or there may be pond plants in your pond that are planted in potting soil. Either one of these can lead to reddish-brown water. If the water turns this color after a heavy rain, […]

Why isn’t my UV getting rid of my string algae?

One of the most common misconceptions out there in pond land is that a UV Sterilizer will help control surface algae (aka Filamentous Algae). The truth of the matter is, a UV only kills off green water (aka waterborne algae) as the algae have to pass through the UV in order to be effectively treated. […]

Tips for installing a skimmer in your pond

You can add a pond skimmer too your pond and it’s not really that hard to do when you follow these simple steps: STEP 1. You want to make sure that you position the skimmer where it is opposite your waterfall so that you are able to get the most out of the skimmer as […]

Can a ponds natural Eco-system take care of itself?

  The answer to this question is yes, provided the pond only has a very scarce population of fish, and at least 50% of the surface of the water has pond plant coverage. Aquatic plants are nature’s water filters and were around long before we built pumps, skimmers, and other supplies. Pond plants provide food […]

Is it safe for my pet to drink the pond water?

This is a common question that I get often regarding pond water treatments. What I can say is that ponds treated with barley or beneficial bacteria’s are generally harmless to pets when applied properly. As far as algaecides are concerned, I would suggest being careful here. I don’t think that these would be harmful when […]

Tips on picking and setting up a waterfall filter

I always recommend a waterfall filter for a pond as they make great biological pond filters. This type of filter is commonly referred to as a “Bio-Falls” by most pond keepers. They are very simple filters as they usually consist of a filter mat of some sort and a biological media (i.e. lava rock, bio […]

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