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How to Test Pressureflo UVC Power Supply

Having problems with your pressure-flo uv sterilizer? There is a simple solution to fix most of the problems with the UV power supply. On the lid of the pressure-flo, there is a stem that pushes in a limit switch on the power supply. If the stem isn’t properly pushing in the switch, then the power supply fails to turn on. This is a safety feature that prevents the customer from looking directly at the light. (Not: staring directly at the lights can cause damage to the eye.) In order to test this issue you would need a standard pen, philips head screw driver and a small piece of paper towel.

STEP 1: With a phllips head screw driver unscrew the four screws that on the lid on the Laguna Pressure-Flo system.

STEP 2: Carefully remove the UV Power supply from the top of the canister. When removing power supply, gently lift straight up because the UV bulb and quartz sleeve is still attached to the power supply.

Pressure-Flo 1000/2000

Pressure-Flo 3000/2000

Step 3: Plug in the power supply to a power outlet. Using a standard pen place into the hole and push down. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT BULB!!! If the bulb lights up then we just confirmed that the ballast and the bulb work fine. What we suggest is rolling a small Piece of paper towel into a small ball and sticking it into the hole. that should give the stem enough padding to be able to push the limit switch into the on position. then carefully re-assemble power supply onto lid on canister.

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