External Pond Pumps


External Pond Pump Benefits

External pond pumps offer more power over Submersible Pond Pumps and are perfect for larger ponds and water features. While the initial setup may be more time consuming, it’s hard to compete with the amount of utility they provide. External pumps can move large volumes of water, are energy efficient, and are fairly resistant to clogging. Before you buy just any pump, make sure you know which pump is right for you.

The Perfect Pump For Water Fountains

When you need to move large volumes of water fast, you should consider using an external pond water fountain pump. If you have a large water feature, most submersible pumps have a hard time keeping up. Besides fountains, they also make great waterfall pumps since they can be run continuously at a relatively low cost compared to submersibles.

Setting Up Your External Pump

If your pump isn’t self-priming, then it should be installed below the water level to ensure it always has a supply of water. This means your external pump should be installed in the ground unless your yard has a grade. However, optional priming pots easily attach to your external pond pump and keep a constant supply of water available to your pump. This means you can easily install it above the waterline. It is always recommended you protect your pump with a housing, no matter where you install it.

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