Lake Management


Lake Aeration

If you want to provide a healthy environment for fish or plants, then you need a lake aeration system that can handle large volumes of water. Combine a high capacity air pump with larger lake diffusers to ensure that you are pumping enough oxygen into the water. For normal lake aeration, your pump needs to displace 325,900 gallons of water every 1 – 2 days. To achieve this, we recommend running a 1½ HP aerator for every square acre of surface area on your lake. For shallow lakes, try a surface aerator for easy setup.

Lake And Pond Fountains

Fountains are a beautiful addition to any lake or pond. These decorative water features both look and sound appealing, and by adding lake lighting, the view at night is breathtaking. For smaller ponds, they serve as an excellent source of aeration for keeping the water well oxygenated. Our decorative fountains come in many styles, from illuminated to floating, so check out our inventory to find exactly what you are looking for.

Lake Water Treatments

Lake Water Treatments are specifically designed for larger bodies of water than your normal backyard pond. These treatments include such items as beneficial bacteria, water clarifiers, pond tints and more. Maintain the health of your lake, and keep the water crystal clear, with our large selection of treatments.

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